Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to get started?

We need one of: Wallet backup, Seed or mnemonic words or Wallet ID.

Where can I find my wallet ID?

Depending on your wallet type it looks differently. The most common wallet ID is from blockchain.com, blockchain.info or dogechain.info wallets. their format looks like this:


What is a Wallet backup?

A wallet backup is an encrypted version of your private keys. Wallet backup are named differently depending on your wallet.

Multibit classic wallets : they use the suffix of .key .wallet and .wallet.cipher

Blockchain.info or Blockchain.com: wallet.aes.json

Ethereum wallets: UTC–????????????????.json

Langerhans Android Dogecoin wallet: ????????????????.bin

Schildbach Android Bitcoin wallet: ???????????????.bin

Bitcoin Core, Litecoin Core, Dash Core or Dogecoin Core: wallet.dat


Where is my wallet strored?

If your have Core installed, it is stored in the wallets folder on your drive.