These are the main wallets we support

Bitcoin Core – wallet.dat files or 12 word mnemonic

Dogecoin Core – wallet.dat files or 12 word mnemonic

Trezor One – lost passphrase or wrong order or miss spelled 24 words

Ledger Nanos S – Lost passphrase or wrong order of words / missing words

Dogechain.info – Locked out by lost 2FA

Blockchain.com or Blockchain.info – lost password, lost 2FA, lost wallet ID

Multibit Classic – lost password from .key or .wallet or .wallet.cipher file

Electrum wallet – lost password to default_wallet file

Ethereum wallets – lost password to .json file

Ethereum presale wallets – lost password

Trezor ICO – lost password to recovery PDF

JAXX Wallet – lost password

EXODUS wallet – Lost password

Cardano / ADA wallets – lost password

NEO wallets – lost password

BIP38 Private key or paper wallet – lost password or missing keys

We do also custom jobs like unlocking Android or Iphone phones as well as recover data from damaged disk drives.

Please contact admin@walletrecoveryservice.com for more information.